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This short reference guide includes the necessary information you need to determine what loans you may be eligible for and what the eligibility requirements are. It will give you the foundation for what you need when you sit down with a loan advisor and begin the journey to getting the home you have always wanted.

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What's Inside?

One of the more common misconceptions about getting a mortgage is that a loan is a loan, that all loans are the same and the only difference is the interest rate. Actually, Better Lending has several options available. Each loan has different requirements, such as the yearly terms, amount for a minimum down payment, and the minimum credit score required to qualify. 

This guide is meant to give you the right amount of foundational information so you can ask your loan advisor the questions you may have that are pertinent to your unique situation. 

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Better Lending was started because we believed that the process of purchasing a home could be more simple and less overwhelming than it is currently being done in the marketplace today. For most people, buying a house is the largest and single most important investment they will ever make in their lives. 

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